CFD and FEA services for:

Oil and gas processing FEA services

Industrial Processes

Computational analysis for chemical process optimisation.

Product optimisation FEA services

Product Analysis

Detailed analysis for consumer and process components.

CFD services for pyrolysis and biogas

Sustainable Technologies

CFD and FEA analysis services for the Clean Energy.

Our clients

FEA services for plastic moulding CFD analysis tunel fire ventilation FEA services for reactor vessel CFD thermal simulation ASME FEA assessment Fatigue FEA services Thermal FEA modelling services Thermal insulation CFD services Explosion CFD services ASME FEA services CFD modelling service Flange FEA assessment PD 5500 FEA modal analysis services CFD for subsea equipment HVAC FEA thermal mechanical pyrolysis CFD thermal services Vibrations FEA modelling FEA services for subsea valves FEA non linear mechanical simulation FEA non linear structural simulation

Our Services

Finite element analysis

We can model and simulate your products or processes using FEA to better understand their mechanical and thermal behaviour. Optimise your designs without the need of expensive trials and tests with our FEA services.

Computational fluid dynamics

Take advantage of fluid modelling (CFD) and easily locate where your product or process may fail. Our fluid dynamics services and thermal studies will give you the insight you need to optimize your products.

Research projects

Whether you need to solve a design issue or to assess the feasibility of a concept or new idea, you can save time and money by running quick FEA models that will show the path to follow in the next stages of development.

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