Oil and gas

Facing an increasingly demanding market and the reduction of resources makes designers push the processes beyond the nominal range. Each generation of equipment needs to stand more pressure, higher temperatures and more abrasive and corrosive fluids to extract less oil or gas than 25 years ago. Here is where numerical simulation becomes of paramount importance. It is the fastest and most reliable way of reducing the costs and the risks in the new developments early in the design stage.

In this new scenario, questions need a quick and accurate answer. This is the kind of environment where PRE Technologies delivers. Experience is a big value in the oil and gas sector and with more than 10 years helping designers in this field, our engineers are our best asset.

Subsea oil and gas FEA services


Advanced fluid dynamics applied to subsea operations and processing.

Oil and gas rigs FEA services

Rigs and structures

Ensure a safe operation on your offshore structures.

Oil and gas processing FEA services


CFD and FEA modelling applied to chemical processing.

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