Computational fluid dynamics

Is this what you need?

  • Is your product or process related to liquids, gases or complex heat transfer?
  • Have you experienced issues in your process, such as low efficiency, bad mixing or heterogeneous heating?
  • Does hydro or aero dynamics influence your product's performance?
  • Do you want to improve your value proposition by adding some quantitative performance figures to your marketing materials?

Why computational fluid dynamics?

  • Helps you to better understand your process' flow and thermal performance in an, otherwise difficult, visual way.
  • Helps you identify possible failure spots and failure modes.
  • Enables virtual testing in a fraction of the time and cost compared to laboratory testing, eliminating the need for expensive prototypes.
  • Enables product and process optimisation by quickly adjusting the design and simulating its performance.

Hydrodynamic analysis

CFD hydrodynamics services

These services include:

  • Vortex induced vibration analysis
  • Erosion CFD services
  • Offshore equipment stability: Buoyancy and centre of gravity studies
  • Added masses for subsea hardware CFD calculations
  • Hull performance assessment and wave-making CFD solutions
  • Vibro-acoustic fluid-structure interaction
  • Wave and sea current loading on offshore structures
  • Thruster flow modelling and thruster/ hull interactions
  • Sloshing in cargo and oil / gas separator tanks CFD services

Heat transfer analysis

CFD heat transfer services

These services include:

  • Plate and shell-and-tube heat exchanger performance analysis
  • Stagnation and recirculation analysis on boilers, heat exchangers and valves
  • Joule-Thomson cooling analysis
  • Conjugate heat transfer modelling
  • Burners, boilers, heat pipes CFD services
  • Latent heat, phase change materials simulation solutions
  • LED lamp thermal CFD services

Aerodynamic analysis

CFD aerodynamics services

These services include:

  • Wind turbine blade design
  • Vortex shedding CFD services
  • HVAC CFD solutions
  • Wind-farm analysis CFD services
  • Airborne particle transport analysis
  • Aircraft wing and fuselage CFD analysis
  • Buildings & structures wind loading
  • External vehicle CFD aerodynamics services
  • Fan and rotor CFD design services

Multi-phase fluid simulation

CFD multiphase services

These services include:

  • Liquid and gas diffusion in various media (oil and gas safety)
  • Fuel injection design & optimization
  • Mixed species and reacting flows CFD services
  • Particulate tracking & concentration CFD services
  • Fluid spray design & optimization CFD services

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