Why choose PRE Technologies?

Simple: Price, service and ease

At PRE we strive to offer the highest quality engineering services, which are tailored to each client’s specific needs, at an outstanding price. We place all our effort in providing our customers a sound technical solution to improve their competitiveness. This is our priority, all the rest is secondary or, to put it simply; avoidable. This enables us to¬†provide our customers with unbeatable simulation costs compared to the rest of the market, while guaranteeing outstanding service and results.

Reducing developmentrisks and costs
Technical capabilitiesand experience
Easy to work with

Our business model has been designed to minimise fixed costs, indirect costs and optimise the flexibility in our operations. We call it Lean Services.

This enables us to offer hourly rates that are competitive with your own engineering costs. As such you minimise your development risks. Dedicated out-of-house services at in-house prices!

We have a wide range of engineering competences and state of the art resources in terms of software and computation capabilities.

Our engineers have many years of combined experience in different industry sectors, such as Oil & Gas, automotive and renewable energies. Bring us your problem and our advanced technologies will shed the light you need to solve it.

We challenge every step in our processes and focus only on what is absolutely necessary, making our quick response time and flexibility our hallmark.

This saves time and gives you, the customer, a focused delivery and clear reporting, all without the need of a heavy administrative burden. Our focus is solutions. Simple.

If you want to learn more about us or have any question, please go to our frequently asked questions section.

If you want to check out a few of our recent projects, go to our CFD & FEA experience section.

The process, step by step

Tell us about your problem
You share the details of your requirement with one of our consultants. A professional elicitation process will take place to uncover the roots of the issue. Our experienced engineers will be able to propose a set of simulations, including most FEA and CFD services, to shed light on the problem that will be agreed with you. We will do our best to provide you with a number of options and an excellent price to carry out the work.
Modelling and simulations
We perform the models and simulations agreed using the most advanced simulation techniques and computing resources. Our broad capacities spectrum enables us to model the problem using FEM or CFD tools, and a variety of physics such as mechanical, thermal and fluid dynamics. We will share all interim results with you to make sure we are progressing in the correct path. All the process is result-oriented with only your success in mind.
A solution is delivered
We deliver the solutions by writing a comprehensive report on the results of the different simulations together with recommendations for the optimisation of the product or process. Models, simulations and results will be interpreted and explained in clear, straight forward language. All materials generated such as 3D models, results of the simulation, drawings and other foreground will be delivered to you. We keep no intellectual property.
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