Renewable energies

The world of renewable energies is gravitating from a subsidised environment to a grid parity scenario, where the different technologies compete with each other and strive to ramp efficiencies up and installation and operation costs down.

FEA and CFD services for renewable energies

In all stages of a plant lifespan, no matter the technology,simulation and mathematical modelling have a role to play. During concept assessment stage, FEA and CFD analyses can direct the development efforts to the most promising technology avoiding the need of expensive concept prototypes and tests. During development stage, iterative design costs and times can be dramatically reduced thanks to the power and versatility of simulation tools.

Finally in the asset management and operation stages, failure spots and failure modes can be investigated using simulation, guaranteeing the optimal solution to be applied reducing maintenance costs and keeping generation down time to the minimum.


FEA capabilities for composite's performance predictions

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fibre glass composites have been around for almost 70 years. Carbon fibre came afterwards about 20 years ago and promised lighter …

Wider spacing leads to greater farm efficiency according to CFD study

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conventional wisdom says to space wind turbines about seven rotor diameters apart to keep rotor wash from interfering with other turbines. …

Wind power

Europe's onshore and offshore wind energy potential could power Europe many times over. However, capturing this potential energy and transforming it into a profitable source of power is not an easy task.

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Solar power

With most EU countries approaching or trespassing the grid parity threshold due to higher fossil fuel prices and lower solar equipment costs, solar power technologies have gained credibility as a real alternative to current power generation mix.

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New technologies are developed every day trying to achieve that extra yield in a stage of the process that would make biofuel production profitable and less dependent on subsidies. Simulation tools can help you in that quest.

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