Tetronics International chooses PRE Technologies for CFD and FEA services

Friday, September 5, 2014

PRE Technologies has been selected by Tetronics International to support the design and optimisation of their electronic waste recycling processes.

Tetronics International chooses PRE Technologies for CFD and FEA services

On September 2014 PRE Technologies and Tetronics International agreed to collaborate on the analysis and optimisation of a new e-waste recycling process.

The project scope includes the fluid dynamics response calculation of the entire smelting process involving a variety of interacting liquid and gas phases. The main objective is to evaluate the likelihood of a steam explosion due to the unexpected water influx in the vessel interior. This is part of Tetronics thorough safety assessment procedure for their waste recycling vessel design.

CFD analysis can be used to predict the explosion behaviour and expected shock wave propagation. Results of this CFD model will serve as inputs for a FEA coupled model which will be created to assess the structural integrity of the entire system. Even though very unlikely, these events may happen during operation and extreme loading conditions have to be assessed to make sure the system withstands any possible event.

Tetronics was established in 1964 to develop industrial and metallurgical applications for high temperature Direct Current (DC) Plasma Arc technology.  Over the past 5 decades, it has developed an established reputation for producing high quality clean plasma technology for maximum resource recovery and the highest levels of hazardous material destruction.

PRE Technologies possess vast experience on high-temperature multi-phase problems involving potential hazardous scenarios such as chemical/steam explosions caused by unexpected water influx.

For further information on Tetronics International visit: www.tetronics.com

For inquiries regarding the collaboration please contact:

Sales director, Luis Segui: luis.segui@pretechnologies.com

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