PRE gets the contract for CFD product optimisation for DLP Limited

Thursday, January 16, 2014

DLP Limited, leading provider of accessible bathroom, kitchen and daily living products and PRE Technologies sign a contract for new product optimisation.

PRE gets the contract for CFD product optimisation for DLP Limited

On January 2014 PRE Technologies and DLP agreed to collaborate on the design of a new range of electrically heated shower devices.

Tankless electric water heaters for showering applications are an efficient alternative to tank heaters as they provide hot water only as it is needed, avoiding the stand-by energy losses associated to storing hot water. However, designing these elements becomes more complicated as comfort demands from the users are more challenging. Temperature homogeneity on the outlet and stable flow-rates are of paramount importance for the shower user, and a complex trade-off for the designer.

CFD analysis can help designers to get the insight they need to accurately evaluate the influence of the different parameters of the design, such as resistor coil geometry, tank size, fluid mixing/turbulence and transient heating during resistive elements switch on and off.

DLP has requested PRE Technologies conduct a CFD analysis with the objective of obtaining the impact of the different design options in the output of the system, in terms of temperature homogeneity and system’s pressure drop. A transient thermal DES (decoupled Eddy simulation) analysis will be carried out for the given geometry.

DLP/AKW Ltd are the UK market leader in accessible showering, bathroom, kitchen and daily living products for people with mobility needs. Choice, competitive pricing, and first-class customer service make AKW the first choice for clients across the UK and abroad with 25 years of experience and commitment to style, innovation and customer service.

PRE Technologies possess vast experience on water management applications as well as electric and electromagnetic inductive heating applications.

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