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The case of automotive industry is a great example of metal manufacturing industry with a complete vertical integration. Ever increasing competition in automotive industry demands productivity improvements and unit cost reduction.

Raw material providers, designers, auxiliary companies and automobile manufacturers work together to maximise quality, reduce timescales and minimise costs. Today’s car industry relies completely on advanced simulation techniques.

From stress analysis of components and subsets, to dynamic and impact analysis of the different parts of the drive train including CFD analysis of the aerodynamics, simulation plays a paramount role to reduce design costs and time to market.

automotive part FEA simulation

Unibody chassis are, for obvious reasons subject to optimisation through simulation. Dimensional stability, torsional stiffness, maximum stress and vibrational performance are just some of the simulation studies performed over automotive chassis. Others may involve welding reliability, dynamic and impact analyses and fatigue assessment.

Stamped metal sheet for external covering and internal supports can also be evaluated using mathematical modelling. Stress and impact analysis as well as aerodynamic CFD analysis are some of the most typical studies.

pressure vessel simulation services

Finally for other mechanical equipment such as the engine block, transmission, drive train and other elements, a huge effort is put into the design in order to make them lighter, more durable, more reliable and cheaper. Working conditions are carefully analysed and simulation replicates worst case scenarios to evaluate the equipment limits.

PRE Technologies follows relevant international standards and best practices of the automotive sector. EU directives and regulations together with SAE, ECC and NAFEMS directives are followed in any of our designs and simulations.

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Our services for this sector

Chassis and supporting structures

  • Stress, fatigue and vibrational studies of unibody chassis
  • Torsional performance of a chassis under different load conditions
  • Welding reliability and fatigue
  • Structures impact studies (large plastic deformations)
  • Engine silent blocks vibrations transmission

Stamping covers and floors

  • Stress, fatigue and vibrational studies of stamped sheets
  • Stamping manufacturing process optimisation
  • External covers aerodynamic performance
  • Floor structures mechanical optimisation

Propulsion and drive equipment

  • Stress, fatigue and vibrational studies of the engine block
  • Cylinder combustion CFD models
  • Locks and hinges mechanical optimisation
  • Stress, fatigue and vibrational studies of suspension and steering mechanisms
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